A Poem For Brea

Smoking Fetish

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Wispy tendrils, a fragrant plume, Curl from crimson lips that bloom. Brea Bennett, a vision awash, In smoke’s embrace, a captivating dash.

The cigarette, a held desire, A flicker of ember, a spark of fire. Inhaled slow, a measured sigh, Confidence burns bright in her eye.

Exhale unfolds, a veil of grace, A smoky curtain on her face. Eyes like emeralds, sharp and keen, Pierce through the haze, a hypnotic scene.

Sheer mesh dress, a whispered tease, Hinting curves with gentle breeze. Petite frame, a perfect gem, Waist of twenty-two, a diadem.

Seamless panthos, a silken sheen, Black platforms boost a regal scene. Red lips, a siren’s call so bold, Fingernails like flames, a story untold.

Brea Bennette Loves Smoking Her Cigarettes

A fetish fueled by swirling smoke,A secret desire, a pleasure awoke. Each measured puff, a languid pace, A sensual dance, a heart’s embrace.

The smoke a canvas, artistry bold, A story whispered, secrets unfold. Brea Bennett, a vision defined, Confidence and beauty, intertwined.

In every inhale, a power untold, A woman in control, fierce and bold. The cigarette, a smoldering wand, A smoking fetish, held in her hand.

See Brea Smoking At: ALTA SMOKING!

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